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Thread: Another tide chart question..

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    Another tide chart question..

    I'm using the tides near me app, it showed the low tide today at 10:38 at Alabama point, the pier house had it at 3:00 pm and Tides 4 Fishing has Gulf Shores low tide at 11:44. I was at the pier at 10:45 this am and it was a lot closer to high than low.

    So the pier house or the Tides 4 Fishing is closer-any idea which one is correct?

    Appears to be a geographical oddity........
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    Likely NONE of them is correct.
    Tide charts are based on astronomical calculations which under ideal meteorological conditions of very light wind and waves, average barometer and temperature should be fairly accurate.
    But with our slight diurnal tidal variation (often a foot or less) being so small it doesn't take much wind, swell or air pressure change to call all bets off.
    I check the tide tables daily just to get a general idea of the time high or low tide are predicted.
    But the current weather makes MUCH more difference in the mean water level most days.
    Especially this weekend since we are experiencing a NEAP tide.
    But with the strong onshore wind and low pressure we have experienced the water level is over a foot above 'normal' or 'average' sea level with the astronomical tide factored in.
    Some old timers used to refer to this situation as a "high NEAP".

    This is why I watch tidal stations that not only show the current water level, but the predicted water level as well...
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    My theory is that, if you're looking for the absolute lowest tide, you look for the lowest tide on the chart* paired with a north wind. I'd shoot for the time period between 12/21 and 12/25. It's just a theory, mind you, but you have to start somewhere!

    *this one https://www.outdooralabama.com/sites...s-Calendar.pdf

    This chart shows little difference today between the high and low tides.
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    i use the farmer’s almanac.

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    What #r said. I use tides near me as a general reference. Other factors as stated play a big role on the water level on any given day

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