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Thread: Pier Party?

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    Pier Party?

    We're rapidly approaching (at one second per second) the First of November, when the work is supposed to begin on our poor, crippled pier. Maybe we ought to gather in the parking lot and cheer as the first pilings are being thought about by the contractor. Free hot dogs and Pepsi for any workers that show up. We could have drawings for prizes to commemorate each government restriction that has not been resolved.

    I'll bring the party hats and toilet paper.
    Somebody please bring a small, cardboard box where we can store our hopes for and on-time completion of the project.
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    Maybe a prize for guessing the date when actual work will really begin rather than the date the first king is landed? Or perhaps a more challenging contest, the date of completion. Or amount in cost overruns. I see lots of potential contests here!
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    God bless!

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    My question is: Do the contractors have to pay for parking? Inquiring minds, you know.
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    As long as they finish the water work before they have to shut down for the turtles again I think I will be ok. The difference between a July '24 finish and Aug '24 I can handle. 2025 might break my heart.
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    People are shocked to see sharks in the water around here.

    If you see natural water taste it. If it's salty it has sharks in it. If it's fresh it has alligators in it. If it's brackish it has both.

    BTW, the water around here contains Vibrio vulnificus, aka "flesh eating bacteria," you might oughtn't taste it.



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