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Thread: Relatively slow in the surf this year

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    Relatively slow in the surf this year

    Just got back from my first of two semi-annual forays to Orange Beach. Stayed in one of the Phoenix complexes as usual, and also did a good bit of surf fishing, also as usual, staying within about 300 yds either side of the beach access walkway in front of the condo. I fished from about 0500 - 0800 each AM and then about 1700 - 2100 each PM. I caught a fair number of fish (whiting, undersize pomps, rays, etc) but nothing big this trip. I used mainly fresh dead shrimp on a single #2 circle hook hand tied pomp rig, though I did pick up a few fish on Publix frozen uncooked shrimp the first morning before I made a trip to Lost Bay tackle. I saw enough sand fleas in the swash zone to scoop up a good amount for bait, but had absolutely no joy using them as bait. Silver jigs and cut bait were a bust this trip. Most days the sargassum was inconsequential, though I did get fouled up a few times with it. The beach "structure" seemed right, with a couple of bars well within casting distance and small rips here and there.

    Random thoughts...the catch was definitely off; I only caught about half the numbers I normally get this time of year. In the past, I've easily surpassed 100 fish of different species during a week long stay...this trip I barely made 50. Though I don't really pay attention to the tides and go fishing when I can since the family and grandkids are always with me on the trips and we spend the daylight doing "fun stuff", I did notice when I checked the tide tables that the tides were relatively flat that week. Weather could not have been better, either. I also noticed the number of people fishing on the beach seemed to be a little less this trip...some days I was the only one with a line in the water.

    I will say both my granddaughters caught their first fish from the surf, one a pomp and one a whiting...they had a good time, but little patience.

    Anyway, if anyone has had a similar experience, I'd be glad to hear about it. Of course, already looking to make the October trip a better one!

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    That’s not an unusual report. We were here for a week, and had a boat, but some days when the water was too “sporty” we surf fished several spots around the fort, and hit Perdido pass too. It’s off,..not much luck anywhere.
    Dunno why, but not too many folks (I talk to others who are out trying) nor us, hit it.

    But six miles offshore?,..heck yea. One smoker king, spanish, spades, a spinner,…..
    eight species in all..a veritable jubilee in comparison. But that was one day, and, as Haywire says,…you can’t put two good days together to save yer keister,.. But for some reason you certainly can put several of the other type together efffortlesly.

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    Thanks for the report Snakeeater.....we will be down in a couple of weeks and doing plenty of surf fishing, always good to get a report of what's biting....and what's not, sometimes the fish just don't cooperate, but good to see a report!!!

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    Per the local Youtube dudes...there have been several beach videos posted over the past week, whereby there weren't hardly any posted for almost a month. It seems to be getting better...Sargassum/June grass be damned.
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