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Thread: Uploading pics to the forum pages

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    Uploading pics to the forum pages

    This is a work in progress and I will be editing frequently until directions are clear. I'm doing this from both my phone and desktop so bear with me.

    From tinypic.com, select the image to upload, give it any tags you want, size it for the forum, and then upload it. You will then get an img placeholder link to paste into your message like below:

    Here is the post in preview mode showing the img link/placeholder pasted directly into the message and the output showing the actual image.

    The good thing is you can upload several images through Tinypic, copying each IMG link on a separate line. It is cumbersome, especially from a phone, but doesn't take long to master.

    I am happy to assist/help if I can.

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    Thank you!
    I hope it helps.
    Keep in mind though each reply has a maximum of 4 pictures allowed.
    IF that number is exceeded an error message will pop up when you try to post it.
    The work around I have for this is to make 2 or three posts in succession with 4 pictures each.

    Hope this helps too!
    Everybody LUVS mo pictures ;-)
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    I created a private album to store photos on Facebook and then all I do is copy and paste them to the forum.

    I also use Photo Bucket, much easier than Tiny Pic to me.

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    I'm still a hold out to Face Book , Mostly because I can't stand that smug sob running it , can't trust him
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    I used IMGUR for mine. copying link for here is easy. It gives multiple options and tells what they are for.
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