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    How to Post Photos

    Two ways to add photos to post.(A&B)
    A – Using Photobucket, Tinypic,etc…
    When creating a New Thread or posting a Reply to an existing thread. Type out your comments as usual and then paste the image code at the end of the comments. This can be used in both Quick Reply and Advanced (Go Advanced button)*
    B – Uploading from Your Computer
    1 - Click “Go Advanced” under right side of the comment box.
    2 – Type in your comments as normal.
    3 – Scroll down to and click the “Manage Attachments” and another window will pop up. Open it fo full screen.**
    4 – Click “Browse” under “Upload Files From Your Computer” and select the pic you want from your computer (Only one pic can be selected.)
    5 – Click the “Upload” at the far right of the same line.
    6 – Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to add additional pics.
    * Pics from other sites can be uploaded using these same steps 1 -6 by typing codes in the box under “Upload Files From a Website” heading and clicking “Upload” button at the far right onsame line.
    ** The bottom half of this window“Attachment Key” is a list of the size limits for different attachment formats.



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