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Thread: Which are DO NOT EAT fish?

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    I fried some cobia for the first time last Thursday (always baked or broiled before). Gonna try eat some fried "Ramona" some day soon.
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    People are shocked to see sharks in the water around here.

    If you see natural water taste it. If it's salty it has sharks in it. If it's fresh it has alligators in it. If it's brackish it has both.

    BTW, the water around here contains Vibrio vulnificus, aka "flesh eating bacteria," you might oughtn't taste it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pier#r View Post
    Inshore lizardfish has always been on my 'DO NOT EAT' list, but I'm rethinking that after seeing this video...
    I caught a huge 26 inch long lizard fish in June. Filleted it up and the meat was grey and very mushy. Didn't even try to cook it up.

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    Haven't been on here in a while and was skimming through old posts. I didn't see anyone mention asian/silver carp for anything other than throwing them up on the bank. While I have no problem with feeding the other local wildlife, they're actually quite good to eat. It's a slightly meatier texture (only slightly though) than other white flesh fish. It's nothing like a freshwater drum or jack crevalle which are more akin to pork like others said. They're a bit more work to clean than your regular freshwater fish in the southeast, but they're not too bad. And since they eat plankton, they're good to eat even when they get pretty big as far as I know.

    I've kept 4 or 5 and eaten them, but I avoid places that have lots so I haven't had a lot of chance. And since you can't exactly target them with regular rod and reel, if you want to try one you just about have to catch them with a net or have them land in your boat (which they absolutely will do). So if you have one land in your boat and you're going to kill it anyways, consider keeping one and trying it. They're not going anywhere (unfortunately), so you might as well use them.
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    Folkses down here say about the same things about mullet ;-)


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