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Thread: uses for ladyfish?

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    Like ladyfish needs to sit on ice to get 'soft' ;-)

    I've eaten it several times, and it is fine by me.
    My wife didn't care for the texture and mild flavour.
    But I like that and you can season it to taste.
    She prefers canned salmon which smells worse than two day old sunbaked squid to me!

    We just agree to disagree ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pierless View Post
    Curious if you actually tried it or not? for science
    I attempted to try it a while back, when I was a brand new googan, I did some fried balls/patties like Chili posted below. While it reminds me a salmon patties, its just a NO for me. Less stinch than a salmon patty though. Bluefish are also a NO for me... Also I know this may shock most people but Red Snapper is a NO for me also, I just don't get the demand for it. Red Fish on the half shell over some hot coals with some fresh picked lemons, and ground pepper is where it's at for me...

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    Canned salmon does stink.
    But my wife's recipe for salmon patties with the herbs/spices and veggies is pretty palata.

    You don't care for Red Snapper?
    Man I love some fresh snapper pan fried in butter.

    We can wholeheartedly agree on the Redfish on the Halfshell, fine eating.
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    Only fish I have tried and found inedible was large black drum. taste, texture and small was just bad.
    But then I haven't tried ladyfish yet!

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