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    Re: pvc pipe pier cart

    [quote author=CJW link=topic=2615.msg23700#msg23700 date=1360500049]
    Your on the very cutting edge of pier cart technology Tuck. That is one nice looking cart.

    Here is my problem, when I come down there, I'm in a Honda Accord so space is at a priemum.

    I need something that will break down or I need to rent a cart. Does anyone rent carts at OB?

    that cart to me could very easily be taken apart at certain points for transport....instead of gluing certain joints just through bolt them for easy dis-assembly....just a thought

    Nice cart Tuck

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    Re: pvc pipe pier cart

    You can't really tell from the pics, but I have clevis pins that allows the single wheel and the handle to be removed. Also the tires can be taken off of the axle by removing clevis pins. The rest of my cart is glued. My design would still be to big to haul in an Accord though. We recently bought a Honda CRV and the first thing I did was install a hitch and cargo carrier for my cart so I wouldn't have to break it down.

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    Re: pvc pipe pier cart

    Have a trailer hitch installed on the rear of the car and add a "cart caddy".


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